Weissenkirchen – A Town Named after its White Church

Weissenkirchen Boat Pier

Weissenkirchen – A Small Town with a Dominating White Church: Weissenkirchen is a small town in the northeastern Austrian state of Lower Austria. On our Danube River cruise sailing westward from Vienna, Weissenkirchen was on the right bank of the Danube River, the next town past Dürnstein with its striking Wedgwood-like church tower. Weissenkirchen -a […]

Linz – Danube River Cruise

City Square and Trinity Column, Linz, Austria

RIVER CRUISE GUIDE Bank (Danube) Right/Left KM 2135 Altitude 260m/853ft Population 184,000   Capital city of Oberösterreich Bundesland (federal state), north-central Austria, Linz lies along the Danube River 100 miles (160 km) west of Vienna. It originated as the Roman fortress of Lentia and became an important medieval trading centre. By the 13th century it […]

Melk – Danube River Cruise

Melk Abbey

RIVER CRUISE GUIDE Bank (Danube) Right KM 2036 Altitude 213m/699ft Population 5,200 Situated on an isolated rock commanding the Danube, Melk has been a well-known place since the Roman times. It became Austria’s first capital under Luitpold II, the Landgrave of Austria in 976AD who established his stronghold on an already existing fortification, some 60m/200ft. […]

Vienna, the City of Music

Mozart in Stadtpark, Vienna..

Vienna has what many travellers want: Vienna is one of the cultural capitals of Europe with a cultural calendar that’s packed with concerts, festivals and balls throughout the year. For music alone, there are hundreds of concerts annually catering to locals as well as music lovers from all over the world. Vienna is certainly the […]

Innsbruck, Capital of the Alps

A Wintry Innsbruck..

Innsbruck, a City that Many would Love to Call Home: Innsbruck markets itself as the Capital of the Alps and it’s no wonder that the city was twice chosen to host the Winter Olympics (1964 und 1976). Wedged between two mountain chains, Innsbruck is positioned right in the middle of the Tirol, one of the […]

Austria: Land of the great composers

Aerial View of Salzburg

Austria – a country of geniuses: When you think of what makes Austria a great travel destination, reflect back to all its famous citizens who brought international fame to the country.  Over 250 years after the death of Mozart, we are all still craving for his music.  160 years after the death Johann Strauß, people […]