Marchfelderhof Restaurant – Vienna

A fun dinner at the Marchfelderhof!

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Marchfelderhof Restaurant – Vienna

If you’re looking for an fun and memorable place to have dinner on your Vienna holiday, you may like to head out to the Marchfelderhof Restaurant, Austria’s most historical and traditional restaurant. Marchfelderhof Restaurant is a bit out of town, at A-2232 Deutsch-Wagram so you’ll need to organize your transport to and back from the restaurant. Although this restaurant is frequented by tour groups, don’t be concerned about it being rowdy or noisy as the Austrian staff will keep the crowds under control. You veel obey me!

VIP Treatment at the Marchfelderhof?

When our coach stopped across the road from the restaurant front entrance, a lolly-pop man stopped passing traffic to let us cross. The doorman then unfurls a red carpet, a welcome sign greets us and a brass band adds to the welcome spectacle. It was a VIP welcome!

Stepping into the restaurant, we are transported to quite a different world! Musical instruments like old violins, banjo, tambourines, drums and other paraphrenalia adorn the ceilings, autographed photos, pictures and impressive certificates cover the walls and the metal plaques on the tables display the names of VIPs who have sat there. If you think that the entrance and dining areas are kitsch, you should head for the toilets. See our Marchfelderhof photo gallery.

Is the food any good?

Marchfelderhof serves traditional Austrian fare and in spite of catering to groups, the food is quite good. Austrian cuisine is traditionally hearty food with specialties including pork and schnitzels. From the Imperial Dinner menu, there was a wide choice of Weiner schnitzel, roast pork, pork knuckles, turkey, beef, spareribs and a couple of dishes for the non-meat eaters.  As we don’t eat meat, we can’t personally comment on these dishes, but our fellow diners hoed into their food and no one complained. The portions were substantial!

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Helen enjoys the Viennese coffee and Schnapps shooter...

Oh, before we started our meal, Schnapps was offered in cylindrical tubes which reminded me of my days of doing chemistry experiments in the school lab. Well, the concoction was so strong that many of the ladies thought the wiser of downing it. As we ate our food, wandering minstrels serenaded us and being Vienna, there was a Waltz performance as well.

Touristy, But a Fun Evening

We’ve been to the Marchfelderhof a couple of times, and yes it’s touristy, but we had good company and enjoyed ourselves tremendously on both occasions. The restaurant started in 1843 and Napoleon was known to have dined there, as did many other celebrities.  Unfortunately, their website is currently in Austrian only.

Marchfelderhof Restaurant
Bockfließerstraße 31
A-2232 Deutsch-Wagram
Tel: +43 (0)2247 2243

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  1. avatarRudolph Niessink says

    This place is not worth the money, food on OUR “Imperial-Dinner” menu had a
    choice of Grilled Catfish -Fried Beef Meat- Turkey Schnitzel etc.
    “Authentic Music” was a keyboard playing Cha-cha and Tangos.
    I guess catering to the Americans who don’t have a clue of Vienese music.
    The place is an overpriced tourist trap!

  2. avatarDonna Reagan says

    Our small tour group from Nashville, TN (USA) enjoyed a wonderful evening at The Marchfelderhof
    in early August, 2010. From our red carpet welcome to the final “good-bye” we were well entertained and fed. The “Imperial-Dinner” choices were excellent (I enjoyed the pot au feu). The ambience was fun–pictures of celebrities and leaders from all over the world graced the walls and we enjoyed seeing their familiar faces and names. The evening we were there a small musical combo roamed, playing enjoyable music, some from “The Sound of Music” (we all broke out into a joyful sing-a-long). The music was not just for Americans who do, by the way, know good music (they don’t call Nashville “Music City” for nothing), there were local people as well as other countries represented in the restaurant that evening and “a good time was had by all.” All over Europe we were impressed with the quality of food and service; of all our dining experiences, The Marchfelderhof is the most memorable.

  3. avatarEmma Tameside says

    It looks amazing, Helen, thanks for sharing this review. I love the photos you posted showing the interior – it looks like quite a quirky, fun place. The last time we were in Vienna, we had one goal which was to try Weiner schnitzel… you’d think this would be quite easy but we couldn’t find any for some reason. It became a bit of a running joke and in the end we gave up – I’m still sure it doesn’t really exist! :)

    We spent a lovely time in the city enjoying the Vienna Christmas markets and taking in the atmosphere. We’d love to go back soon and see more of the place (yes, we stuck to the touristy areas last time unfortunately) so hopefully we’ll book something for early next year and visit Marchfelderhof Restaurant if at all possible.

    I think I’ll pass on drinking from test tubes though 😉

    • avatar says

      Hi Emma, thanks for your comments and for sharing your Vienna experience. No Wiener Schnitzel in Vienna – hard to believe – although I must admit that I’ve never looked for it myself! Well if you do make it to the Marchfelderhof Restaurant, they definitely serve Wiener Schnitzel there.

      Cheers, Helen

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