Trzesniewski – Vienna’s Famous Sandwich Shop

Trzesniewski Vienna

Trzesniewski Offers Finger Sandwiches in Twenty-Two Different Fillings: Vienna is famous for its Schanigärten (sidewalk cafés), gasthaus, traditional restaurants and heuriger, all offering traditional Viennese cuisine like the Wiener schnitzels, Tafelspitz (boiled beef), apfelstrudel, etc. A food that is rarely promoted is the humble sandwich.  At Trzesniewski Buffet, a famous Vienna sandwich shop, you can […]

Café Neko – Vienna’s Cat Café

Cat Cafe

At Café Neko, Customers Can Enjoy a Snack in the Relaxing Companionship of Cats: Vienna is famous for its grand cafés and coffee shop culture and many of its traditional coffee houses have been around for decades. A relatively new and different coffee shop on Blumenstockgasse 5 is Café Neko, the first ever ‘cat cafe’ […]

Vienna Cafés, Coffee Shops and Coffee Roasters

Vienna Coffee House

Vienna Cafés and Coffee Shops: Vienna has many famous and grand cafés and coffee houses like the Café Residenz, Café Hofburg, Grand Café, Café Demel and Café Landtmann which are fit for royalty and those who like a bit of pampering. But for the coffee enthusiast who is looking for interesting coffee houses and some […]

A Mozart Dinner Concert at St Peter Stiftskeller

St. Peter Stiftskeller © Tourismus Salzburg

Enjoy A Candlelight Mozart Dinner Concert At St Peter Stiftskeller Salzburg: Located in the centre of Salzburg Old Town, between the Cathedral and the Festival Halls, is St. Peter Stiftskeller, a Salzburg restaurant that stakes its claim as the oldest restaurant in the whole of Central Europe. St. Peter Stiftskeller is famous for its Mozart […]

Schanigärten – Typically Viennese Sidewalk Cafés

Sidewalk Café © WienTourismus/Bryan Duffy

Vienna’s Summertime Sidewalk Cafés: As sure as springtime brings on the blooms of Vienna’s flower gardens, summertime in Vienna sees something quite different springing up on Vienna’s sidewalks:  Between March 1 and November 15 each year, Vienna’s Schanigärten (sidewalk cafés) spring to life – around 1,800 of them. So when the warm weather comes on, […]

Experience All That's Viennese at a Wiener Heurigen Show

Wiener Heurigen Show

An Evening of Viennese Waltz and Operetta at a traditional Viennese Heuriger : Vienna is famous for its classical music, Viennese waltz, Viennese cuisine and the Viennese Heurigen. You can experience all that’s traditional about Vienna at a Wiener Heurigen Show. In the rustic ambience of a genuine wine tavern which has been family owned […]

Xocolat – Vienna’s Latest Chocolate Hotspot

© Xocolat / Herbert Lehmann

In Vienna, the Latest Hotspot is not about WiFi : If the thought of gourmet, handmade Viennese chocolates makes you dribble at the mouth, wait till you have a peak through the large window of Xocolat Manufaktur, Vienna’s latest chocolate hotspot. Even before you set foot in the door of the ninth district’s Xocolat Manufaktur, […]

Café Hawelka – More than a Typical Viennese Café

© WienTourismus / Karl Thomas

Vienna’s equivalent of Paris’ St-Germain des Prés Literary Cafés : If you’re looking to experience a typically Viennese coffee house, Café Hawelka in the old town comes highly recommended. This classic Viennese coffee house is a legend in its own right. Located at Dorotheergasse 6 in the 1st district, this venerable institution owes its success […]

"k.u.k Hoflieferant" – Purveyors to the Imperial Court


When “k.u.k Hoflieferant” confirms that you’re good enough for the Imperial Court: If your business had the honorary title of “k.u.k Hoflieferant” during the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, that meant that you were chosen to be a purveyor to the Imperial Court.  It’s of course a much sought-after accolade for any company to be […]

Vienna’s heuriger

Mayer am Pfarrplatz beer garden

Vienna’s Heuriger – a Viennese institution: Vienna is well known for its famous composers like Mozart and Strauss, waltzes, the Vienna Boy’s Choir, Schönbrunn Palace and the Sacher torte, to name a few.  But just as famous should be the Viennese Heuriger, a typically Viennese institution. The heuriger have inspired many songs to be written […]