A Mozart Dinner Concert at St Peter Stiftskeller

Enjoy A Candlelight Mozart Dinner Concert At St Peter Stiftskeller Salzburg:

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St. Peter Stiftskeller © Tourismus Salzburg

Located in the centre of Salzburg Old Town, between the Cathedral and the Festival Halls, is St. Peter Stiftskeller, a Salzburg restaurant that stakes its claim as the oldest restaurant in the whole of Central Europe.

St. Peter Stiftskeller is famous for its Mozart Dinner Concert, a dinner concert that is now a fixture of Salzburg’s musical events. In the famous Baroque Salon of St. Peter Stiftkeller diners can enjoy a three course candlelight dinner prepared according to the recipes of Mozart’s time. And in between courses, dinner guests will be entertained with the most popular Mozart compositions by the Amadeuz Consort Salzburg.

About St Peter Stiftskeller

St. Peter Stiftskeller was mentioned in 803 AD by the scholar Alcuin who is a follower of Charlemagne and this record places it as the oldest restaurant in Central Europe.

Age aside, St. Peter Stiftskeller has been associated with famous clientele since its early history. Faust is said to have known about the restaurant. During the 18th century, St. Peter Stiftskeller was a meeting place for the nobility and bourgeoisie. Johann Michael Haydn, its most famous tenant, occupied the top floor of St. Peter in 1760.

Mozart’s iconic  Mass in C-Minor was first performed in the nearby Church of St Peter in 1789, and on this occasion his wife Constanze sang one of the soprano roles.

St Peter Stiftskeller was substantially extended during the 20th century and today up to 850 guests can be accommodated in the 11 themed rooms and the inner courtyard. In 1996, St Peter Stiftskeller began the now famous Mozart Dinner Concerts.

So when in Salzburg, what better place to enjoy a Mozart Dinner Concert than at Europe’s oldest restaurant.
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St. Peter Bezirk 1/4
5010 Salzburg

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