Vienna’s heuriger

Vienna’s Heuriger – a Viennese institution:

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Mayer am Pfarrplatz beer garden

Vienna is well known for its famous composers like Mozart and Strauss, waltzes, the Vienna Boy’s Choir, Schönbrunn Palace and the Sacher torte, to name a few.  But just as famous should be the Viennese Heuriger, a typically Viennese institution.

The heuriger have inspired many songs to be written about them and they have served as a backdrop for many movies. But, the main aim of heurigen these days is to provide a comfortable atmosphere where their guests can enjoy fine Viennese wines accompanied by fine Viennese cuisine and enjoy some local music in a warm and friendly environment.

A true Viennese heuriger only serves Viennese wines and you can identify these by a bunch of pine branches and by the word ‘Ausg’steckt’ written on a board.  Heurigen operate under certain conditions, including the number of times they can open in a year, food they can serve, etc.

The word ‘heuer’ means ‘this year’ and as such describes the wine from the current vintage.  In accordance with tradition a wine can be classified as ‘current vintage’ up till 11 November (St. Martin’s Day).

A few of Vienna’s famous heurigen

Weingut Mayer am Pfarrplatz
Beethoven lived in this house on Pfarrplatz in the summer of 1817. At that time there was a spa in Heiligenstadt and Beethoven visited the spa hoping to find relief from his worsening deafness.

Today, this is one of Vienna’s leading heurigen. The old courtyard with its shady garden provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere.  Mayer am Pfarrplatz serves cold buffets as well as warm roasts, grilled chicken, boiled ham and homemade sausages.  Then there’s excellent cheeses, delicious salads, and not to mention the wine.

1190 Vienna, Pfarrplatz 2
Tel: + 43 1 370 33 61

Weingut-Heuriger Reinprecht
One of Vienna’s best known heuriger with its 300 year-old former monastery vaults and gardens extending up into the vineyards. Its home-grown sparkling wine has been awarded prizes several times over.  This was a favourite jaunt of Robert Stolz, a world famous composer of operettas. At Weingut-Heuriger Reinprecht you are promised a cosy evening of wine, music and exceptional Viennese cuisine, hot and cold snacks and vegetarian dishes.

1190 Wien, Grinzing, Cobenzlgasse 22
Tel: +43 1 320 14 71-0,

Heuriger Werner Welser
If you think that Viennese people are grumpy, the folks at Heuriger Werner Welser challenge you to come and see what the classic Viennese atmosphere is really like. This old winegrower’s house exudes with charm and here you will find select wines and local specialties. Insiders know and appreciate the homemade fruit strudel and the traditional heuriger music.

Probusgasse 12, A-1190 Wien, Heiligenstadt
Tel.: +43 1 318 97 97

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