Third Man Museum – Dedicated to “TheThird Man”

Third Man Museum – A Private Museum Dedicated to the Classic Movie The Third Man:

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The Third Man © Dritte Mann Museum

When it comes to classic movies, The Third Man is up there with the best. That’s why this classic film has a museum of its own in Vienna, the Dritte Mann Museum or Third Man Museum.

The Third Man

Graham Greene’s Third Man, directed by Carol Reed, was filmed in Vienna in 1948 during its occupation by the Allied armies.  The producer, Alexander Korda, wanted to create a movie about post-war Europe and Vienna provided the ideal and emotive setting. Vienna was at a crossroad moment in its history – the city was divided into four zones occupied by the USA, Great Britain, France and the USSR.    The Third Man captures the various aspects of post-war Vienna:

  • Vienna immediately after the Second World War
  • Vienna at the beginning of the Cold War
  • Life in Vienna among the ruins, hunger, demarcation lines
  • Criminals keeping the economy turning over – the black market, smuggling, espionage.

Third Man Museum

The Third Man Museum is a privately-run museum that is dedicated entirely to the classic film.  The Museum tells all about the history and the historical background of The Third Man. In its 13 rooms are artifacts and original effects relating to the classic movie.  Highlights include film posters, cinema programs, around 500 sound recordings and video clips, and the most valuable exhibit of all: the original zither that Anton Karas used to compose the Third Man theme in London.

This lovingly designed private museum just off Naschmarkt gives an insight into life in post-war Vienna and the cinematic history of this unique film. A fully functioning projector from 1936 is used to show short sequences from the film.

The Third Man Museum is open every Saturday from 14:00 – 18:00 and on Tuesdays at 18:00. Reservation, by phone or email, is necessary.

Pressgasse 25, 1040 Wien
Tel : +43 1 5864872

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