Enjoy Mozart Concerts in Mozart's House in Vienna

Concerts in a Room where Mozart once Lived and Worked:

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Sala Terrena - Vienna

To be able to enjoy Mozart music on your Vienna holiday is a great treat, but to listen to Mozart’s music in a place where the great composer once lived and worked is a surreal experience.

At the Sala Terrena in the historical centre of Vienna, you can experience the spirit of Mozart with performances by the Mozart Ensemble Wien.

Mozart, as most people know, was born in Salzburz. His decision to leave Salzburg and move to Vienna was driven by his rocky relationship with Archbishop Colloredo, a sponsor of the Mozart family. Mozart worked for the Archbishop as a concertmaster and didn’t like the way he was being treated and controlled by the Archbishop.

When Mozart arrived in Vienna in 1781 his first accommodation was at the friary of the Deutscher Orden, where he performed several concerts at the Sala Terrena.

The Sala Terrena is within the courtyard of the Deutsche Orden house, a German Teotonic Order. The hall was built in the second half of the eighteenth century in late Renaissance Venetian style. You may see references to this place as Mozarthaus, but Mozart actually only officially resided in this house for six weeks, from 16 March to 2 May 1781.   Nevertheless this was a crucial period in Mozart’s life. Mozart found the acoustics to be wonderful and he liked the ambience of the “Sala Terrena”.  In fact, another famous composer lived here for a much longer period than Mozart.  Johannes Brahms lived at the Sala Terrena from 1863 to 1865.

The Mozart Ensemble Wien is a group of four musicians specializing in Vienna Chamber Music.  Dressed in period costume, the classical pieces that the Ensemble perform are sure to transport the audience back to Mozart’s time.  This is helped by the nice ambience of the beautifully designed frescoes of the Sala Terrena, the oldest concert hall in Vienna and one where Mozart himself once performed.

The Sala Terrena is located in the historic center of Vienna.  It’s in the vicinity of St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Hofburg Imperial Palace and is easy to get to.

You can book tickets online for Mozart Concerts here.

Getting there:

U Bahn: U1 U3 , Station: Stephansplatz
Bus : 1A, 2A, 3A, Station: Stephansplatz (Brandstätte)

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