Rock Concerts at the Vienna Gasometer

For Fans of Rock Music, the Vienna Gasometer is one of the Popular Rock Concert Venues:

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The Gasometer - Courtesy Gasometer City

Vienna is famous for its classical concerts and all around the city centre one sees many advertisements for Mozart concerts, Strauss concerts, operas and more. But what if the music you love is several decibels higher than classical music. Where can you go to enjoy a rock concert in Vienna?

Vienna Gasometers

One popular venue for Vienna rock concerts is at the Gasometer B, Bank Austria Halle, an events venue that is part of the Vienna Gasometer redevelopment. The Gasometer is at Simmering, Vienna’s 11th district.

When the Vienna Gasometers were decommissioned in 1984, these gigantic gas tanks stood idle for a period of time. They were at one stage used to host the Gazometer-Raves concerts. The cylindrical structure caused the music to reverberate, which the ravers loved. So perhaps this was where the idea for a Gasometer concert hall came from. 

Concerts at the Gasometer

Bryan Adams, the legendary Buena Vista Social Club, the Cranberries and Kylie Minogue are some of the artists that have performed at the Gasometer Hall. Following on are rock bands and artists such as Alice Cooper, Incubus, the Hurts and more. See list of concerts here.

Buying Concert tickets for the Gasometer

Viagogo is an online ticket exchange that allows concert fans to buy and sell tickets in a safe and guaranteed way. In the Search box, type “Gasometer Vienna” to find the list of Gasometer concerts.

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Gasometer B
Guglgasse 8
A-1110 Vienna

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