A Self-Guided Walk Around Vienna's Zentralfriedhof

A New Guide To Vienna’s Central Cemetery:

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© WienTourismus / Reinhard Mandl

A visit to a cemetery is not something that most travellers would include in their Vienna travel itinerary – unless the cemetery is one as famous as Vienna’s Zentralfriedhof (Central Cemetery).

With 330,000 graves and 100 kilometers of roads, the Zentralfriedhof covers an area of 2.5 square kilometers and is Vienna’s largest cemetery and the second largest burial ground in Europe.  But size alone would not draw the holiday sightseeing crowd to the cemetery, unless there are some special residents and interesting facts about the place!

Some of the famous people buried at Zentralfriedhof include Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Strauss the Elder and Austrian pop legend Falco.

A New Guide to Help Visitors

Vienna’s Central Cemetery is so large that it is all too easy for visitors to lose their way! A new multimedia guide now makes finding all the most interesting graves and sights in Europe’s second largest cemetery (after Ohlsdorf in Hamburg) even easier.

There are also fascinating facts on the cemetery’s origins, which date back to its opening in 1874, as well as its stunning art nouveau church, and the flora and fauna to be found around the site.

This handy pocket-sized device can be rented from the porter’s lodge at the main entrance (Tor 2 or Gate 2) for a fee of EUR 7.00 (photo ID required as deposit).

The audio-visual is in German and English and the photos on the display help visitors navigate the gigantic complex, revealing facts and curiosities as it takes visitors past 42 points of interest in Vienna’s ‘city of the dead‘.

There is a choice of three different walking routes lasting two, three or four hours. The multimedia guide presents in-depth information on all the stops on the tour.  A complete list of all the stops and a standard paper map supplement the new guide.


Simmeringer Hauptstrasse 234, 11th District

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