St. Peter’s Abbey – The Oldest Monastery in Austria

Erzabtei St Peter, Salzburg

St. Peter’s Abbey – One of the Oldest Monasteries in Austria: One of the oldest Benedictine monasteries in Austria and perhaps in the German-speaking nations is St. Peter’s Abbey (Erzabtei St. Peter) in Salzburg. St Peter’s monastery was originally founded by St Rupert, a Franconian missionary, who came to Salzburg around 696 AD. The central […]

St. Peter’s Cemetery – A Famous Landmark in Salzburg

Salzburg Cemetery

St. Peter’s Cemetery – Final Resting Place of Famous Salzburg Citizens: Cemeteries are not usually places that one would include in travel itineraries, but St. Peter’s Cemetery in Salzburg is an exception. Set in the grounds of St Peter’s Monastery, it is said to be one of the most beautiful and oldest cemeteries in the […]