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Follow Me on Pinterest Finding a phone number or telephone code in Austria is relatively easy because of the Herold website – "Austria’s Phone Book" (see below).

Austria’s country phone code is 43. There are no standard lengths for either area codes or subscribers’ numbers in Austria, so some subscribers’ numbers are as short as three digits! For example, area phone codes can be anywhere from three digits (such as Linz’s 070) to five digits (such as Kitzbuehel’s 05356); the telephone numbers range from four to seven digits.

When calling within Austria, you have to dial "0" followed by the area code (i.e. 01 for Vienna). Omit the "0" when calling from abroad. To call a local number within the local area, dial the number only. But note: to make a call from a mobile phone to a fixed line number, you always have to add the area phone code.

Free telephone number search

HEROLD.AT is Austria’s most widely used portal to search for products, services, companies, addresses, phone numbers, maps and routes. You can even wander through 30 shopping malls checking out the shops and restaurants!

Nationwide phone book for people in Austria in English (or choose top right).

The Austrian Yellow Pages, in English (or choose top right).

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