Dinant – A Picturesque Town on the River Meuse


DINANT IS AS DIVINE AS WHAT THE CELTS THOUGHT WHEN THEY CALLED THE SITE DIVO-NANTO: Dinant is a small town in the French-speaking Wallonian province of Namur. This picturesque town along the River Meuse has long been recognized for its idyllic setting. Since the Celts first occupied the site, they called it “Divo-Nanto” which can […]

See Magnificent Views of Bruges from its Belfry

Aerial view of Bruges

ON TOP OF ITS SPECTACULAR VIEWS, THE BELFRY OF BRUGES HOLDS SOME MEDIEVAL TREASURES: The Belfry of Bruges or Belfort is not the tallest building in Bruges but it is certainly one of its most dominant and important landmarks. The Belfort towers over the Grote Markt (Bruges’ market square) and from the top of this […]

Antwerp – A City of Diamonds, Rubens and Fashion

Antwerp Grote Markt

ANTWERP HAS MUCH TO OFFER VISITORS – IT WOULD BE A MISTAKE NOT TO ALLOW TIME HERE: Antwerp is a city that’s famous for its brilliant diamonds, Rubens, medieval and maritime history. But as far as tourism is concerned, Belgium’s second largest city seems to be overshadowed by Brussels and Bruges. Yet Antwerp sparkles, in […]

Wollestraat – A Yummy Street in Bruges

Belgian chocolates

WOLLESTRAAT IN BRUGES HAS AMAZING CHOCOLATE AND BEER SHOPS, CAFES AND MORE: Wollestraat is a main street in Bruges which runs from the Grote Markt to the Dijver canal where it crosses Bruges’ famous Rozenhoedkaai. Our local Bruges guide calls it Yummy Street because she regularly stops at a few food shops here to indulge […]

Beautiful Buildings and Holy Blood in Bruges’ Burg Square

The Burg

THE BURG SQUARE IN BRUGES WAS AN IMPORTANT POLITICAL AND RELIGIOUS CENTRE: The Burg, the other main square in Bruges is just off the east side of the Grote Markt. From the Markt, we took an easy stroll along Breidelstraat (next to the post office) to arrive at the Burg (fortress). Although there is no […]

The Markt – Bruges Medieval Market Square

Bruges' Grote Markt

BRUGES MARKET SQUARE IS LINED WITH INTERESTING HISTORICAL BUILDINGS: The Markt, one of the two main squares in Bruges, has many attractions that visitors like us come to see. This open space is lined with attractive gabled houses, restaurants and the imposing Provinciaal Hof (Provincial Palace). Also on the Markt is the Belfort, an 83-metre […]

Ghent – Famous for its Mystic Lamb

Medieval Ghent

GHENT RIVALS BRUGES FOR ITS RICH TREASURY OF MEDIEVAL HERITAGE: With it’s quaint and medieval town centre made up of narrow canals, cobbled traffic-free streets and a fine castle and cathedral, Ghent (Gent in Dutch) is a very alluring place to visit, especially when it’s just a half hour train ride from Brussels. In the […]

World-Class Belgian Lace

Buying lace in Belgium

BELGIAN LACE IS ANOTHER OF THE COUNTRY’S FAMOUS EXPORTS: Belgium is famous for its chocolates and beers, but one important Belgian export which is perhaps not too well-publicised is Belgian lace. Belgium’s lacemakers have been a vital contributor to the country’s economy since the 12th century and if you’re interested in lace, Brussels and Bruges […]