Cafedraal Restaurant in Bruges

Cafedraal Restaurant, Bruges

FINE-DINING IN BRUGES AT THE CAFEDRAAL RESTAURANT: For one of our dinners in Bruges, we tossed up between the Cafedraal Restaurant and La Belle Epoque. Both these restaurants are within walking distance to the NH Hotel where we were staying. Not knowing anything about either restaurant, we chose Cafedraal as the menu looked interesting. Cafedraal […]

Abbey No.8 has 100 of the Best Belgian Beers

Belgian Beers and Brews

ABBEY NO. 8 IS AN INTERESTING BEER BOTTLESHOP ACROSS FROM ANTWERP CATHEDRAL: It was 10:00 am and the Church of our Lady (Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal) was yet to open. Our apologetic guide said that whenever there is a large event on, they may open later, but there was no notice on the door to give us a […]

Belgian Beer Festivals 2014

Chimay beer at Belgian Beer Festivals

Belgium’s Beer Festivals That Make Belgium The Beer Capital of the World: Munich Oktoberfest is without doubt the king of all beer festivals.  But for the discerning beer lover, it is not the size of the beer festival that counts.  The Belgian Beer Festivals are not as well publicized internationally as Munich Oktoberfest, yet Belgium has […]

The Unusual Beers of Belgium

Biere du Boucanier, a real Belgian pirate's brew!

Beers You Might Encounter In Belgium (with luck!) Like Beer? Thought so. I mean, that’s why you’re reading this article, right? Well, if you’re hoping to experience the best possible beer on your travels then you’ll definitely need to make a detour to Belgium. While you can enjoy a local beer on any holiday or […]

Moules et Frites – Belgian’s national dish

Moules et Frites

The Moules et Frites is One of Belgium’s Traditional Dishes: That Moules et Frites is the national dish of Belgium is enough to get me to this country.  Anyone who likes mussels and who has tried these large steaming pots of mussels in savory broth, accompanied by a bowl of Belgian frites and homemade mayonnaise, […]

Eating out on your Belgium holiday


Popular Belgian Dishes and What to Eat: To have a little understanding of what constitutes Belgian food, it’s necessary to firstly have some background knowledge of the country’s history. The Dutch, Spaniards, Franks, Romans, Austrians and French have all invaded Belgium at some point in time in history and their presence in the land have […]