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Belgium Phone Numbers, Phone Code and Telephone Directory:

telephone-blue_300 Follow Me on Pinterest If you want to phone someone’s house, business or mobile (cell) phone in Belgium, you won’t have a problem finding the telephone number or code. There are several online Belgium phone books to choose from, in a choice of languages.

From outside Belgium, you dial the international call prefix followed by 32 (the telephone country code for Belgium), and then the area code minus the “0”. All Belgian telephone numbers dialled within Belgium must use the leading “0” and the area phone code, even when calling locally.

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Truvo Belgium provides the top online Belgian white and yellow pages telephone directory, in French, Dutch and English; you can also find businesses and people on their zoomable map system.

White Pages Belgium
Alphabetic directory (white pages) for people and businesses in Belgium. Reverse search (search by number) available. Includes local maps. In English

Golden Pages Belgium
Yellow pages directory of businesses in Belgium.

Belgian white pages for people and businesses. Also yellow pages with companies by classification. Includes reverse search (search by number), and map links.

Skynet Pages Blanches
White pages for people and businesses in Belgium. Includes reverse search (Recherche par numéro). In French.

Telephone directory of residential and business addresses in Belgium. find addresses and telephone numbers for private individuals and professionals in Belgium. Search by telephone number, family name, town/city, district or professional category. Also Infobel : Belgium – France – Spain – Italy – UK – Netherlands – Luxembourg.

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