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telephone-blue_300 Follow Me on Pinterest Finding a phone or mobile phone number in Bulgaria is NOT easy. A residential telephone directory does not seem to exist, or I couldn’t find one. Business phone books fare a little better, but not much really. You can call a Bulgaria number easily enough, though. The country phone code for Bulgaria is 359. Bulgarian area phone codes need the "0" in front of them when you’re dialling in Bulgaria, or rarely "99" (try this if you have a problem). Miss off the "0" from outside the country.

Go to Guides Bulgaria if you need phone dialing codes of Bulgarian cities, villages and regions, just choose your district.

Free telephone number search

Business to Business directory. Search for Products/Services and Companies, or via category. In English.

Bulgaria Business Resources and Links but only list 38 reources.

Official trade directory from the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Use "guest" as username and password.

In Bulgarian so use the Google toolbar. They’re supposed to be in English too, but I couldn’t find them.

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