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telephone-blue_300 Follow Me on Pinterest Finding a Croatia phone number or phone code on line is simply a matter of going to the Hrvatski Telecom phone book, which provides Croatia phone numbers, residential and business information.

The country calling phone code of Croatia is 385, and you omit the "0" of the area code when dialling from outside the country. You don’t have to dial the area phone code when calling within a local area in Croatia. There are four mobile (cell) phone operators: VIPnet: 91; Tomato: 92; Tele2: 95; T-Mobile: 98, 99.

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Telefonski imenik is the white pages telephone directory for people and businesses in Croatia. It includes reverse search (search by number) and also yellow pages classified search (just choose one of the tabs). Results have links to maps (click on address to see). It’s in English (one of thirteen languages!), choose from the links top right.

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