A Plymouth Cruise Around Its Historic Harbour

Devonport Naval Base

Appreciate Some of Britain’s Maritime History on a Plymouth Cruise: Plymouth Harbour is an important part of Britain’s maritime history and on any visit to Plymouth, one of the things to do is to go on a Plymouth cruise of this historical harbour. Once an old trading port, Plymouth Harbour is famous as the starting […]

Plymouth Gin – Once a Preferred Drink of the Royal Navy

Black Friars Distillery - Plymouth

For Nearly Two Centuries, No Navy Ship Left Port Without Plymouth Gin: Black Friars Distillery is one of the oldest buildings in Plymouth and one of the city’s heritage buildings. Its Refectory Room – a medieval hall with a hull-shaped timber roof was built in 1431.  Since 1793, Black Friars Distillery has been home to […]

Mayflower Steps – A Memorial For A Brave Voyage

Mayflower Steps - The Barbican, Plymouth

Mayflower Steps – One of the Most Historical Landmarks in Plymouth: Plymouth Harbour is famous as the starting point for many pioneering and historic voyages and the voyage of the Pilgrim Fathers in the Mayflower was one of these epic journeys. The Mayflower sailed from Plymouth in 1620, bound for the new world of America […]

Visiting the Historic Plymouth Barbican

Barbican Plymouth Map

The Plymouth Barbican is Home to Britain’s Maritime Heritage: The Barbican, Plymouth’s harbour area was an old trading port and is home to Britain’s maritime heritage. It was from Plymouth that many of the early pioneering voyages set sail. Sir Francis Drake, Sir John Hawkins, Sir Walter Raleigh and Captain Cook, all sailed from Plymouth, […]

Tintagel – Inextricably Linked to King Arthur

Camelot - Tintagel

Tintagel – Where King Arthur Legends Loom Larger Than Life: Mention Tintagel, and the legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table come to mind immediately. Since Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote his History of the Kings of Britain in 1150, visitors have been coming to Tintagel Castle to see the legendary King […]

A Medieval Old Post Office in the Heart of Tintagel

Tintagel Old Post Office

The Tintagel Old Post Office With a Curious Wavy Roof: There is more to Tintagel than the legend of King Arthur and Tintagel Castle.   On the main street of the village is the medieval Tintagel Old Post Office. This very well-preserved 14th century yeoman’s farmhouse on Tintagel’s Fore Street has a curious wavy roof and […]

Tintagel Castle – Birthplace of the Legendary King Arthur

Tintagel Castle, Tintagel, Cornwall

Tintagel Castle – Home of King Arthur of Camelot and Merlin the Magician? Since Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote his fictitious “Historia Regum Britanniae” (History of the Kings of Britain) in 1150, Tintagel Castle has been associated with the birthplace of the great King Arthur. According to the tale told by Geoffrey of Monmouth, King Arthur […]

Egyptian House – An Unusual Sight in Penzance

Egyptian House in Penzance

The Egyptian House – A Rare Piece of Architecture in Penzance: A rather bizarre sight near the top of Chapel Street in Penzance is the Egyptian House, a bright-looking building with a pseudo-Egyptian facade. The Egyptian House is probably one of Cornwall’s most flamboyantly designed buildings. With its ornate lotus columns and stylised cornices, the […]

Why William and Kate Can’t Honeymoon on Scilly

Isles of Scilly - Courtesy VisitBritain

Scilly Could Have Been William and Kate’s Honeymoon Destination if Not for its Rowing Gig: The Isles of Scilly are located just 28 miles off the Cornish coast in the Atlantic Ocean. Comprising five inhabited and numerous uninhabited islands, Scilly has been rumoured by the British press as one of the places that Prince William […]