Golowan Festival and Mazey Day

There’s no Pirates in Penzance, but plenty of festivities:

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Devon & Cornwall countryside

There may not be any more Pirates in Penzance but what this town has is the annual Golowan Festival. Cornwall is a land of Celtic legend and the Golowan Festival celebrates its ancient Celtic traditions and the midsummer Feast of St. John (Gol Jowan).

Cornwall’s greatest annual community arts festival takes place from June 20 – 27th.

The Festival blends Celtic traditions of Penglaz and the Serpent Dance and the festivities include street acts, storytelling, films, walks, fireworks, market stalls, lectures, flag making workshops and more. The Festival ends in the colourful parades of Mazey Day (June 26th), which in local dialect means a bit dazed and confused!  Well, after a week of drinking and merry making who can be blamed for feeling dazed and confused!

Golowan is a Community Festival

This is a community festival that involves thousands of school children, local artists, writers, performers and volunteers. The entertainment is a diversified mixture of brass bands Camborne Brass Band, Golowan favourites the Mid-Argyll Pipe Band, Irish punk-folkies Neck, the Falmouth Marine Band, Flava, Bishbashbosh Theatre, Robin Williamson, Invocal, Bagas Degol  and Patrick Gayle.  There’s also a whole Latin Quarter with various bands, belly dancers, stalls, food, drink, Tango dancing and general bliss.

Information on ticket bookings can be obtained from the festival website  www.golowan.org.

There are lots to see and do in the Devon and Cornwall region including checking out Tintagel where King Arthur is also believed to have come from or exploring the quaint fishing villages of north Cornwall and the Devon coasts.  For further information on Devon and Cornwall see here >.

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