A Dinner at the Castle Combe Inn – Castle Combe

Castle Combe Inn © Travel Signposts..

A Dinner in Castle Combe, the Prettiest Village in England: Our dinner at the Castle Inn tonight was part of a tour to Castle Combe to see the “prettiest village in England”. Before dinner, we had time to wonder around the village which looks like it’s been frozen in time. Except for a few cars […]

Castle Combe – The Prettiest Village in England

Castle Combe, The Prettiest Village in England, Wiltshire

A Visit To Castle Combe, The Picturesque Village Which Time Seems To Have Passed By: We were told that Castle Combe is the most beautiful village in England. The village is situated on the southern-most edge of the Cotswolds and a dinner excursion to the Castle Inn in Castle Combe will allow us to see […]