Grand Theâtre and the Opéra de Dijon

Grand Theâtre – The Grand Opera Venue of the Opéra de Dijon:

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Grand Theatre – Dijon

As the name implies, the Grand Theâtre de Dijon on Place Theâtre is a grand opera house in the historic centre of Dijon. Each season, the Opéra de Dijon and a variety of different companies perform an eclectic mixture of operas, from the classic Italian composers to some more modern and slightly more controversial composers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Grand Theatre Brief History

Prior to the first opera theatre in Dijon in the 18th century, opera performances took place in various locations in town, and then again audiences had to enjoy their performances standing. The city wanted to have a Grand Theatre that was worthy of its name and it was not until 1802, with the destruction of the Sainte Chapelle church, that land became available for the opera theatre. Plans were drawn up for the Grand Theatre, but due to political events and the fall of the empire, work on the theatre was suspended in 1814. It was not until 1823 that work resumed on the construction of this neo-classical building and it was finally completed in 1828.

Over the years the Grand Theatre has had many refurbishments, including a complete restoration of the hall in 1970, the enlargement of the orchestra pit in 1990, lighting improvements and the acquisition of a new organ, make it the main lyric stage of Burgundy. Each season, from October to June, the public can enjoy a program of operas interspersed with operettas.

Opéra de Dijon

Since 2008, the Grand Theâtre and the Auditorium de Dijon have been homes to the Opéra de Dijon. The two venues host hundreds of events covering classical and modern music, dance, jazz, musicals, opera and operettas.

Grand Theâtre
Opéra de Dijon
Place du Theâtre
21000 Dijon


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