When to travel to France for your tour: weather and seasons

OK, in the Summer! But it’s wise to recall that the French have this habit of going “en vacance” for the month of August, and they go “en masse”. What’s more, they tend to stay in France so things get crowded.

Paris in the springtime…?

We’ve all heard about Paris in the springtime, and it can be nice, but it can also be wet. Personally, I think your best bet for travel in France is in early September (yes, I know the cheap flights may not be available). It’s not going to be particularly hot but the chances of cooler/wetter weather are reduced, and people tend to be more relaxed after the summer break craziness. There’s the prospect of the wine harvest, too. Otherwise go for June, but it may be busier.

France’s climate is varied, not just the Mediterranean!

Southern France has a Mediterranean climate, with the Atlantic seabord somewhat harsher but nonetheless pleasant. In the north-west, the English Channel produces more unreliable weather. In the east, winters can be cold and clear, with summers warm but prone to storms. Average day temperatures in July are around 22-28 C, warmest in the south. These drop to 15-21 C in October, and are colder in Spring.