Mosel – Germany’s Most Prestigious Wine Region

The Mosel is Famous For its Sweeping Steep Slopes of Vineyards and Fine Riesling:

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Mosel Wine Region - Photo by Moselland Tourism..

Germany has 13 distinct wine regions and the Mosel, although fifth in terms of production, is undoubtedly the most famous of it’s wine regions internationally.

The Mosel (or Moselle in French) region covers the Saar, Ruwer and Mosel river valleys and no matter from which direction or by whichever of the roads or rivers you arrive, vineyards dominate the countryside. This is ever more evident when you’re looking up the slopes from a Mosel River cruise boat. That is why these three rivers form a common wine growing region with its Riesling wine being one of the finest in the world. Although Mosel is famous mainly for its Riesling grape, Elbling and Müller-Thurgau are also produced here.

Le Terroir

The Mosel region is known for its steep slopes with vineyards overlooking the river.  The Keuper and layers of shell limestone, which provide excellent conditions especially for the Elbling vines, border the wide valley that guides the Upper Mosel.

Near Trier, Germany’s oldest city, the Mosel valley expands into the soft new red sandstone layers of the valley. Here, it then widens before the river cuts its path in huge loops from Schweich through the Rhenish slate mountains to separate the Eifel from the Hunsrück. This is how the steep slopes formed and here the Central Mosel valley begins.

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Mosel Wine Region - Photo by Moselland Tourism

The Lower Mosel region from Zell is marked by elaborately laid out wine terraces, which is why this region is also known as the ‘terraced Mosel’. The steep slopes capture the heat of the sun and the deeply rooted vines collect minerals from the soil, resulting in the immense elegance and unique taste to the Mosel wines. For this reason, the Riesling produced in the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer region is amongst the world’s best.

Tour of the Mosel Wine Growing Region

The mild climate of the Mosel is not only conducive for wine growing, but it also makes the Mosel region an attractive year-round holiday destination.Visitors can be sure of enjoying the hospitality of the Mosel folk as well as the region’s historical towns and romantic timber-frame villages.

For anyone interested in wine holidays, Moselland Tourism, in cooperation with the region’s businesses, offers wine tours for those who wish to explore the fifth largest of Germany’s wine regions.  These packages include B&B accommodation at selected winegrowers’ estates, wine tasting and a meal.

For further information and booking enquiries, contact the Moselland Tourism below:

Mosellandtouristik GmbH
Kordelweg 1, D-54470 Bernkastel-Kues
Phone: +49 (0)6531-97330

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