Nordlingen – A Medieval Town on the Romantische Strasse

Nordlingen on Germany’s Famous Romantic Road:

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Map of Nordlingen centre

Half way along Germany’s famous Romantic Road is the town of Nordlingen. Nordlingen sits in the Ries Basin, a large crater which according to information by the Nordlingen tourist office was formed millions of years ago as a result of a meteorite colliding with earth.

During the Medieval Ages, Nordlingen was a free town under the Roman Empire and played an important role in trade. The fortification walls which surround the city include 15 towers which were built between the 15th and 16th centuries. The wall is pretty much in tact and preserves Nordlingen’s medieval appearance. It’s possible to walk on the walls and see some of the impressive towers and formidable fortress gates.

We only had 45 minutes here, but it is possible to see quite a lot within this short period. From car park just outside of the city wall,  it’s a straight road into the town centre with its massive St. George’s Church.

We walked into the church and were fortunate to hear the organ  playing. If you have time, you can go up the imposing west tower, known as Daniel’s Tower, and enjoy a great view of Nordlingen. The tower has been the landmark of Nordlingen for over 500 years.

There are many beautiful buildings, including the Rathaus with its impressive architecture. The tourist office is in the  little square next to the Rathaus.  All around town there were plenty of model pigs which we’re not sure what it’s significance is to Nordlingen.

Nordlingen deserves more than the 45 minutes that we had here, but at least we’ve had a taste of this attractive town on the Romantische Strasse.

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