Walking Holidays in Germany: Walking in Südliche Weinstrasse

Südliche Weinstrasse – An Ideal Region for Walking Holidays in Germany:

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Walking the Southern Wine Road © Südliche Weinstrasse

The Rheinland-Pfalz Forest (or Rhineland-Palatinate Forest) is one of the biggest nature reserves in Europe and walking and trekking enthusiasts and nature lovers will find a world of natural beauty here. In particular, the Südliche Weinstrasse, or Southern Wine Road district, with its picturesque valleys, gently rolling slopes of vineyards and meandering streams, is ideal walking and hiking country. Many of the marked trails here take walkers past ruined medieval castles, quaint woodland cabins, taverns and village inns.

Südliche Weinstrasse Walking Trails

The Pfälzer Weinsteig and Pfälzer Waldpfad are both quality-certified premium trails. For walkers seeking a challenging trail, the 153-kilometre Weinsteig trail is among the most difficult in the Pflaz region and features over 12,000 metres of climbs and descends. The Annweilerer Burgenweg and the Pfälzer Hüttentour are premium trails where walkers will come across castles, crags, cabins, forests and vineyards on a one-day tour. For longer walking tours lasting several days, there are several pristine trekking sites where walkers can pitch tents for the night.

A walk along the Pfälzer Mandelpfad trail is highly recommended, especially during the almond blossom season in March. With the almond groves covered by almond blossoms, the landscape is a sea of pink.

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Almond Blossoms Season © Südliche Weinstrasse

The Pfälzer Mandelpfad is a 60 km trail and walkers can follow the pink band along the fragrant Palatinate almond path, starting from the almond flower village of Gimmeldingen at Neustadt up to Bad Bergzabern in the Southern Palatinate close to the French border. Gimmeldingen is famous for the Gimmeldinger Mandelblütenfest (Gimmeldingen Almond Blossom Festival), which also the first wine festival in the year.

To take the hassle out of organizing your own walk, the Southern Wine Road Association has walking tour packages that include B&B accommodation, luggage transfer, chocolate tasting, wine tasting and a sightseeing visit. For further information on booking the Pfälzer Mandelpfad walking holiday package email the Südliche Weinstrasse at info@suedlicheweinstrasse.de or telephone (0 63 41) 940-408.

The Pfälzer Keschdeweg trail, which follows a striking line of chestnut trees from Neustadt to Hauenstein, is a must in June, when the air is filled with the scent of chestnut blossom. Autumn is also a good time for a walking tour, when the delicious chestnuts are ripe and can be bought at the chestnut markets in Hauenstein, Annweiler and Edenkoben.

Getting to Südliche Weinstrasse is easy. The main station in Kaiserslautern is the gateway to the Palatinate Forest and can be reached quickly and easily by the InterCityExpress.

For more information on walking in Germany, walking trails and walking tour packages, contact the Südliche Weinstrasse.

Southern Wine Road Association
National Tourist Board
Cross Mill 2, 76829 Landau
Tel : 06341/940407
Website: www.suedlicheweinstrasse.de

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