Café Einstein – A Classic Viennese-Style Café in Berlin

Café Einstein – A Plush and Elegant Café in Berlin:

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By the time we finished exploring Unter Den Linden on a chilly and wet Sunday afternoon, a cup of coffee was much needed. There are a few cafés along this Berlin boulevard but it’s hard to go pass the famous Café Einstein.

Café Einstein is a coffee house chain in Berlin, but it is certainly no ordinary coffee house chain like Starbucks.  Instead, its coffee houses are plush and elegant cafés, much like the classic Viennese-style coffee houses, with uniformed waiters and table service.  It’s no wonder that the Café Einstein was used as a film set for one of the scenes in Tarantino’s “Inglorious Basterds”. The Unter den Linden café and the one at Kurfuerstenstrasse 58 are the two bigger Einstein coffee houses.  The latter is known to have been a favourite meeting place for writers and other artists.

Café Einstein is very popular with locals and tourists alike, and the couple of times that we’ve been here, it’s  been very busy. Being on Unter Den Linden, this Berlin café attracts a well-heeled clientele which is said to include prominent politicians and bureaucrats from nearby government offices.  But being Sunday, there weren’t any official-looking clients today. It’s a good place for people-watching, although as a visitor we didn’t recognise anyone that we were ‘watching’.

Café Einstein roasts its own blend of coffee and the latté that I had was nice, but as I prefer my coffee strong, it certainly wasn’t the best that I’ve had.  Their in-house baked Apfelstrudel served with vanilla sauce is very popular and so we had one.  The pastry is light and flaky with quality apple filling.

You can also have lunch and dinner at Café Einstein and one of the classics from the kitchen is their famously huge Wiener Schnitzel.  But for a meal, there are better places to dine in Berlin that are less expensive as well.

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