Viktualienmarkt – Munich's Culinary Centre

Viktualienmarkt – Where the Freshest of Munich Food Can be Found:

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Pumpkins Galore..

You can be certain of a city’s strong food culture when its central food market keeps growing and growing. Such is the case with Munich’s Viktualienmarkt which has been the city’s culinary centre for over two centuries.

Even back in 1807, this Munich food market had grown too large for its Marienplatz central square location. King Maximilian I ordered the market be moved to the square between Heiliggeist-Kirst and Frauenstraße, a short distance to the south-east of Marienplatz.  Church buildings were demolished to make way for the new Markplatz (market square). It later became known as “Viktualienmarkt” or victuals market. However, by 1823, the market had to be enlarged again and over the ensuing years a number of market halls were added.

After WWII, the market square was revitalized and over the years it evolved from a farmers’ market to today’s popular market for fresh food and delicatessen. There are now some 140 stalls and shops selling just about everything from flowers and plants, breads and cheeses, meats and poultry, fruits and vegetables, herbs, spices, specialized foods, wine, handicrafts and much more.

Viktualienmarkt is a market where the professional chefs come to shop for fresh produce for their restaurant kitchens. Whether you’re looking for traditional Bavarian fare, such as pork knuckle and bacon, or exotic ingredients, you’ll most certainly find them here.

In the square are memorial wells for local folk singers and comedians such as Karl Valentin, Weiß Ferdl and Liesl Karlstadt. The Maypole in the centre carries figures displaying the trades and crafts of this part of Munich. And when you’re exhausted from feasting your eyes on the 22,000 square metres of food displays, it might be time to retreat to the local beer garden for a beer and some snacks.

Viktualienmarkt is in the heart of Munich and is open six days a week (Mon – Fri 10:00 – 18:00, Sat 10:00 – 15:00). Some stalls open earlier whereas others may close later – it all depends on the individual shop.

To get a taste of the flavours of Munich, this victuals market is certainly worth a visit during your Munich holiday.  And as the locals here say, any tourist who fails to visit the market can never claim that he/she has seen the Bavarian capital.

Getting to Viktualienmarkt by public transport:
S-Bahn lines 1-8, U3 or U6, Bus 52 to Marienplatz, then walk towards Tal and turn right behind St. Peter’s church.

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