Berlin International Music Festival 2013 – Berlin

Berlin International Musical Festival – An Annual Classical Music Festival in Berlin:

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Konzerthaus Berlin

The Berlin International Music Festival (BIMFA) is an annual summer classical music festival with a series of concerts featuring internationally renowned young musicians including Vadim Repin and Mischa Maisky.

Concerts at Gendarmenmarkt

In its sixth year running, the 2013 Berlin Festival is held at the Konzerthaus Berlin – Berlin’s premier concert house, and the Französische Friedrichstadtkirche – the French Cathedral on Gendarmenmarkt Square.

Summer in Berlin

The Berlin International Music Festival offers visitors the opportunity to take in the sights of Berlin in summer as well as to enjoy an wide and impressive range of classical music events.

The Festival opens on June 20th with a performance by Mischa Maisky at the Konzerthaus Berlin on the historic Gendarmenmarkt Square and with an Opera Gala at the Französische Friedrichstadtkirche on July 13th.

Event: Berlin International Music Festival
Dates: June 20 – August 28, 2013
Venue: Konzerthaus Berlin and Französische Friedrichstadtkirche

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