Heidelberg Castle Illuminations 2014


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Heidelberg Castle – Courtesy Heidelberg Marketing

Everyone loves a good fireworks display and when the setting is as beautiful as Heidelberg Castle and the Neckar River, the show is even more magical.

Heidelberg Castle Illuminations 2014

Each summer, on three Saturday nights, Heidelberg Castle goes up in flames, casting a blaze of red glow over the castle and its surrounds. To the unsuspecting, the scene may be reminiscent of events in Heidelberg’s history when the troops of Louis XIV, the Sun King, razed Heidelberg Castle in 1689 and then again in 1693, leaving it in the ruins that it is today.

Luckily, this spectacle is only a commemoration of one of the many fiery events in Heidelberg’s long and tumultuous history.  And once the red glow of the Castle fades away, a stunning fireworks display begins. This time, a symphony of colourful fireworks explode into the skies over the Neckar River, lighting up the Old Town of Heidelberg and giving it a surreal appearance.

But the Castle Illumination is not the only event in town.  Even before the Castle Illumination, there is a festive concert at 18:15 in the Heiliggeistkirche (Church of the Holy Spirit) on Market Square.  The programme and booking information will be available three weeks before the performance.

A Heidelberg Illuminations Stopover

Heidelberg is a beautiful city, even without the fireworks extravaganza, but if you are planning on being in the region on Saturday, June 7, July 12 or September 6, it’s worthwhile making a stop here. The fireworks take place at about 22:00.

Event: Heidelberg Castle Illuminations 2014
Dates: June 7, July 12 and September 6
Website: www.heidelberg-marketing.de
Tel : +49(0) 6221-58402-61

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  1. avatarLee McCaslin says

    My 1st book, SECRETS OF THE COLD WAR sold out and has been reprinted. I’m working on my 2nd book, SECRETS 2: THE SEQUEL. Request permission to use you Heidelberg Castle burning image in my 2nd book. I would credit as you desire. Thanks, lee

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