450 Years of the Heidelberg Catechism

Heidelberg Catechism – 450 Years of the Catechism of Heidelberg:

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2013 marks the 450th anniversary of the Heidelberg Catechism, the most important doctrinal document of the Reformed Church. Commissioned by Elector Friedrich III of the Palatinate in 1563, this prayer book takes its name from the city where it originated, Heidelberg being the capital of the Electorate of the Palatinate.

What Is the Heidelberg Catechism

The Heidelberg Catechism is a document in the form of a series of questions and answers, which was used in the teaching of the Christian faith in the reformed churches. Currently there are 129 questions and answers. Friedrich III, Prince Elector of the Palatinate, commissioned the creation of this new catechism, or instruction in the Christian faith, for his territory in 1563. It was officially approved at the 1619 Synod of Dordrecht and spread throughout the world.

The Heidelberg Catechism became the symbol of the spirit of awakening and change in Europe, America and Asia. Today more than 20 million Protestants still use the Heidelberg Catechism.

Heidelberg Catechism Exhibitions

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Heidelberg Catechism

To mark the 450th anniversary of the Heidelberg Catechism, three exhibitions with differing focal points will take place from May 12 through September 15, 2013, at three main locations: the Heidelberg Castle, the Heidelberg Kurpfälzisches Museum, and the Het Loo Palace in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.

The central theme of the exhibition at Heidelberg Castle will be the splendour of the court of the Prince Electors of the Palatinate, the Palatinate court’s dynastic interweaving with significant European princely houses, and the strong desire that prevailed at the time for reformation of the faith.

By contrast, the exhibition in the Heidelberg Kurpfälzisches Museum focuses on theological aspects and will place the Heidelberg Catechism within the context of its time: the age of radical change, a period of renewal and the search for meaning.

The focus of the partner exhibition in Apeldoorn will be the religiousness of the House of Orange, the earlier as well as the contemporary significance of the Heidelberg Catechism, and the worldwide dissemination of the Catechism.

In conjunction with the exhibition is the publication of a collection of essays dealing with the history and adoption of the Heidelberg Catechism. This will be available in several languages.

Heidelberg Hotels

Heidelberg is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and there’s plenty to see and do in this town. The Heidelberg Castle and  Heidelberg Kurpfälzisches Museum are easily accessible from the historic town centre.  Hotel Zum Ritter St. Georg is an elegant hotel in a Renaissance building on the main pedestrian street in the historic centre.   Other central hotels include the Hotel Goldener Falke and the Hotel-Restaurant Hackteufel.   For the list of Heidelberg hotels, see Here.

For more information about the Heidelberg Catechism Exhibitions contact:
Coordination of the Exhibition
Julia Rößler M.A.
Mobile: +49 179 87 89 504
Phone: +49 721 15 64 20 38

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