Porzellanikon – Porcelain centre in north-east Bavaria

Learn about the History of German Porcelain in north-east Bavaria:

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Meissen Porcelain tableware - Photo courtesy of GNTB

Visitors to the north-eastern parts of Bavaria this year will be treated to the biggest porcelain exhibition ever held on the European continent.  Both the towns of Hohenberg and Selb are venues for Europe’s largest ever exhibition of porcelain:  “From A King’s Dream to Mass Production – 300 Years of European Porcelain”.

If you are interested in porcelain and the history of German porcelain, the Porzellanikon is an essential destination.

Porzellanikon encompasses the German Porcelain Museum in Hohenberg an der Eger in the Fichtelgebirge mountains and three others (European Industrial Museum for Porcelain, European Museum for Technical Ceramics, Rosenthal Museum) in Selb, just eleven kilometres away .

300 years of European Porcelain

From 24 April to 2 November 2010, some 1,000 pieces of porcelain will be on display in an exhibition area covering 3,500 square metres.  Exhibits include loan items from 90 other collections from 17 different countries.  In Hohenberg, the exhibition opening coincides with the re-opening of the German Porcelain Museum after extensive refurbishment.

Porzellanikon is not just about the display of pretty porcelain tableware and collectibles.  The exhibition takes in depth looks at some topics like:

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    German Porcelain making - Photo courtesy of GNTB

  • Porcelain as a mirror of European society
  • Porcelain – a story of espionage and speculation
  • Porcelain – From courtly jewellery to high-tech material of the future
  • Porcelain and fame:  Art and prestige

As a collective of several museums, the Porzellanikon also offers an insight into all aspects of porcelain through its permanent collections.  For instance, the European Museum for Technical Ceramics in Selb  is Europe’s first museum dedicated to high-tech ceramics and their applications in medicine, electrical engineering and space travel.

For more information contact:

Porzellanikon Selb – Die Museen
Werner-Schürer-Platz 1
95100 Selb
Tel.: +49 (0)9287 918000
Fax: +49 (0)9287 9180030

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