Mädler Passage – A Magnificent Leipzig Shopping Arcade

Mädler Passage Is Beautiful Shopping Arcade in the Heart of Historic Leipzig:

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Mädler Passage, Leipzig © Travel Signposts

Mädler Passage is one of Leipzig’s most magnificent city arcades and there are many reasons why locals use this arcade and why visitors to Leipzig might want to visit this arcade.

This Mädler Passage is an L-shaped arcade which fronts onto Grimmaische Strasse at one end and Neumarkt at the other.  It gained a third entrance from Peterstraße when the Messeshauses am Markt was built in 1965,  and connects Königshaus Passage to Messehof Passage.

The Mädler Passage is a beautiful arcade to walk through if you need to get from any of the streets that it connects to the other. Whilst it was once a trade fair building, these days Mädler Passage houses a shopping arcade on the ground floor, with

boutiques, specialist shops, restaurants and bars. On the upper floors, there are offices as well as a cabaret theatre.  And, of course, Mädler Passage is inextricably linked to Auerbachs Keller, the most famous of Leipzig restaurants, and one which Goethe called his favourite wine bar. The Auerbachs Keller restaurants are downstairs and on the ground floor Mephisto Bar exists for those want a drink.

History of Mädler Passage

Professor Heinrich Stromer von Auerbach was the man who started Auerbachs Keller in 1525 and as his wine cellar business prospered, he constructed a substantial exhibition hall “Auerbachs Hof”on the same site. This 5,700 m2 exhibition space was the meeting place where those working with porcelain, ceramics or earthenware met.

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Mädler Passage Entrance © Travel Signposts

When Anton Mädler took over Auerbachs Hof in 1912, he tore down the building as it was no longer suited for trade fairs. While maintaining the original layout, he constructed a new 5-storey building with a ground floor arcade that measures 140 metres in length.

And if there is any doubt as to the intended use of the Mädler Passage, just look at the top of the arched portal at the Grimmaische Strasse entrance.  Flanked by two life-size female figures in robes, one holds a bunch of grapes, representing Auerbachs Kellar, whilst the other holds a ceramic vase, referring to the intended use of the building as an exhibition hall for the porcelain, ceramic and earthenware industries.

The Baroque style of the building is easily recognized, but what we did miss was the Meissner Glockenspiel which was added in 1969.  A VIP event was being staged and red carpets were being laid and we got side-tracked by the commotion.

Mädler Passage stands at the heart of Leipzig historic city centre and is a place that’s certainly worth visiting and even if you’re not intending to shop, Auerbachs Keller is historic and Mephisto Bar has a story to tell.

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