Bierbörse is not a Beer Stock Market!

Bierbörse – a Franchise Arrangement that Organizes Beer Markets:

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Bierbörse Beer Markets

If you’re travelling through Germany in the summer months and see Bierbörse beer festivals in cities like Cologne, Leipzig, Mainz and Bonn, etc., these beer markets are actually organized under a franchise system.  Bierbörse it seems is Europe’s first open air event which is distributed under a franchise system.

Without knowing the finer details of the franchise system, I presume like all franchise arrangements, the franchisee purchases a franchise to run a Bierbörse beer market and expertise and marketing support are provided by the franchisor.  Under the franchise agreement, the franchisee must follow the franchise formula for the beer market, such as two thirds of the stalls are dedicated to beer stands and one-third for snack shops.  There has to be adequate events and entertainment and the organizer has to ensure site cleanliness, safety, etc. to protect the brand name.

As at 2010, there are Bierbörse beer markets in eleven German cities:  Cologne, Leipzig, Bad Kreuznach, Viersen, Mainz, Bonn, Düsseldorf-Benrath, Leverkusen-Opladen, Dorsten, Dormagen and Karlsruhe. The beer festivals are held for three days in each town, usually from Friday to Monday.

Visitors can sample up to 1,000 different types of beer throughout the beer markets, including those from 75 countries.  This is a free event and you only pay for your beer.

So if beer is your passion, you can follow the beer fest as it makes its way to the various towns.  Who knows you may even decide to become a franchisee.

The Bierbörse or Beer Market was set up in 1997 with the intention of replicating the very successful German wine festivals.   Bierbörse claim that their beer markets are quality events which are different from other fairs and flea markets.

To find out beer festival dates and location and what’s on at the beer festival visit Bierbörse website

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