Enjoy The Sights of Heidelberg On A Neckar River Cruise

Neckar River Sightseeing Cruises in Heidelberg:

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Neckar River Cruise © Travel Signposts

One of the most charming ways to enjoy the sights of a city is on a river cruise.

In Heidelberg, you can do boat cruises on the Neckar River during the summer months (between May and September). These sightseeing cruises do a round trip from Heidelberg to Neckarsteinach (a town famous for its four castles) and back, offering fine views of Old Town Heidelberg and the Neckar Valley.  Commentary is provided in English, German and French.

During Heidelberg’s famous castle illuminations special boat cruises are available so that visitors can enjoy the views of the castle from the river.

The boat landing for this river cruise is at the Congresshall Stadthalle Heidelberg, Untere Neckarstraße 17 and tickets are available at the boat landing stage.

Solar-Powered Boat

Another boat that offers cruises of the Neckar River is the “Neckarsonne”, a solar-powered river boat. As the solar shuttle glides the Neckar River, commentary is provided on the highlights of Heidelberg and the surrounding areas. The duration of this sightseeing cruise is approximately 50 minutes and the cruise operates daily from March to October. Tickets are available at the landing stage at Karl-Theodor-Bridge, Alte Brücke (Old Bridge), Old Town.

For further information on these cruises, email Heidelberg Marketing at guide@heidelberg.de.

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