A Romantic Cruise on the Rhine

A Rhine River Cruise from Oberwesel to Boppard:

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Rhine River Cruise © Travel Signposts..

No trip to Germany is complete without a Rhine River cruise and no matter how many times we’ve cruised the Rhine River previously, the pleasure of a cruise on the romantic Rhine does not diminish.

We’ve done luxury cruises previously, but this time it’s a two-hour morning trip on a KD Rhine River Cruise starting at Oberwesel and sailing upstream to Boppard.

Our river boat, the Stolzenfels, was a little late arriving at Oberwesel, but the scenery and activity on the river are pleasant distractions. When we got on board, the river boat was quite packed and being a sunny day, the upper deck was full of sightseers who have installed themselves in prime viewing seats at the front of the boat.

Luckily, large groups got off at St. Goarhausen and we were then able to ease ourselves into position to take some shots.

The beautiful riverside towns, castles and vineyards that are so reminiscent of this part of the Rhine river soon come into view and no matter how many times we see these views, they are just as enjoyable as ever. And of course, the key attraction along this section is the legendary Lorelei Rock! All eyes and cameras turned towards the rock to try and capture the image of this beautiful maiden, but you had to be quick as she soon disappeared from view.

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Rhine River Cruise © Travel Signposts

KD Rhine has a large fleet of river boats that provide day trips up and down the Rhine between Koblenz and Mainz.  With one of their KD Rhine Passes, you can hop-on and hop-off at any of the stops along their route. This offers holidaymakers the opportunity to see the sights and visit the towns along the Rhine without having to commit to a longer and more expensive river cruise.

All too soon our river cruise came to an end as we approached Boppard. But at least we have time in Boppard to explore this town on the River Rhine.

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