Enjoy Classical Music in the Home of Prussian Kings

Schloss Charlottenburg was home to Many Prussian Kings and Queens:

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Schloss-Charlottenburg - Courtesy GNTB

If you’re looking to enjoy some classical concerts in Berlin, there’s no more majestic venue to do this than at Schloss Charlottenburg.

Charlottenburg Palace is Berlin’s largest royal palace and the only surviving building in the city which dates back to the time of the House of Hohenzollern, the last of the Prussian royal dynasty. It is located in the Charlottenburg district in Berlin’s inner city, west of the Tiergarten park.

From Summer Home to a Royal Palace

Schloss Charlottenburg was originally commissioned as a summer home for Sophie Charlotte, the wife of Friedrich III, Elector of Brandenburg. In 1699, Friedrich sent his royal architect to study architectural developments in Italy and France (in particular the Palace of Versailles) and on his return he began a series of palace extensions, including the Orangerie. In 1701, Friedrich crowned himself King Friedrich I of Prussia and Charlottenburg then became home to a line of Prussian kings, queens and their families. Further extensions of the palace were carried out by Friedrich’s descendants and the last royal resident of Charlottenburg was Friedrich III who reigned for only 99 days in 1888.

Charlottenburg Palace was originally named Lützenburg Palace. When Queen Sophie Charlotte died in 1705, Friedrich named the palace and its estate in her memory. Schloss Charlottenburg, it seems, has a tradition for being a centre for artistic activities since the beginning of its history. Queen Sophie was interested in music and she sang and played the cembalo. She also had an Italian Opera built and employed the musicians Attilio Ariosti and Giovanni Battista Bononcini. The much admired Queen Luise was also musically talented and she loved chamber music and choir music.

So it’s not surprising that Schloss Charlottenburg is today a regular venue for classical concerts. There is a series of concerts by the Berlin Residence Orchestra, performed in the Schloss Charlottenburg’s great Orangery where classical music lovers can enjoy Baroque and classical music in the atmosphere of Prussian royalty. To add to the ambience, the members of the orchestra and the staff are dressed in Baroque costumes and the program is performed by candlelight. There are also various dinner and concert events which allows you to dine and enjoy music in the grand palace settings.

Charlottenburg Palace is today one of Berlin’s major sightseeing attractions. Apart from the palace and its grounds, there are several museums here including the Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte (Museum for prehistoric archaeology), housed in a pavilion that formerly served as the court theatre, the Bröhan-Museum (art nouveau and art deco collections) and the modern art Sammlung Berggruen.

Getting there:
Subway-Station: Sophie-Charlotte-Platz

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