Schloss Köpenick – A Baroque Palace in Köpenick, Berlin

Schloss Köpenick is One of the Town of Köpenick’s Main Attractions:

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Schloss Köpenick - Photo by Andreas Steinhoff


To the south-east of Berlin is the historic town of Köpenick, a town that is much older than Berlin. Long before Köpenick became a part of Berlin, it was an independent town.  One of Köpenick’s main attractions is the Schloss Köpenick, a Baroque palace that was built by the Hohenzollern electors of Brandenburg.

A Castle Steeped in History

Schloss Köpenick is a moated palace which stands on a small island surrounded by English-style parkland.  The castle is steeped in the history of the Hohenzollern electors of Brandenburg. It was Joachim II Hector, Elector of Brandenburg who had the palace built in 1558, originally as a hunting lodge. Joachim II died in this lodge in 1571.

In 1631 it served as the headquarters of King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden from where he waged the Thirty Years’ War.

The lodge was rebuilt in 1677 and expanded by Frederick I of Prussia. Schloss Köpenick became the palace where he and his first wife lived.  It was in the Heraldic Hall of Schloss Köpenick where Frederick II of Prussia (then Crown Prince) faced court-martial for desertion in 1730, tried his own father.

Schloss Köpenick Today

Today a part of the palace serves as the Kunstgewerbemuseum (Museum of Decorative Arts), run by the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation as part of the Berlin State Museums. The Palace is also a venue for classical concerts – see what’s on and book your concert tickets here.>

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Schloss Köpenick
Schlossinsel 1
12557 Berlin Köpenick

Map of Köpenick:

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