Schweine Museum – The Largest Pig Museum in the World

Stuttgart’s Unique Pig Museum Tells All About Pigs:

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Schweine Museum - Stuttgart

Stuttgart’s Schweine Museum it seems is the largest pig museum in the world, with more than 37,000 sculptures, prints, paintings and documents from all around the globe covering all manner of pig facts.

Schweine Museum

In an exhibition space of over 800m² are 26 themed rooms dedicated to everything in the world of pigs. Rather appropriately, the Pig Museum is housed in the old abattoir in Stuttgart.

Pig Facts

The Pig Museum starts with zoology, then takes a look at the place of pigs in art, crafts, culture and culminates in mythology and other symbolic significance. The themed rooms lets visitors look at pigs in the real world, both from a serious and a fun perspective and also from an creative point of view.

So, the Museum caters to a wide range of interests – people who are inquisitive for knowledge and those who are keen in pig art, crafts and pig toys. Certainly, it’s very educational for kids and there is even a special children’s museum for younger visitors.

Star of the Schweine Museum

The special exhibitions in this unique museum offer a comprehensive look at the nature of this popular farm animal. An unmistakable star of this elegant exhibition space is the German Large White, the flagship of the international pig industry. Along the walls of a room are information on hundreds of already extinct or endangered pig breeds and some of the countless documents and exhibits discuss topics such as:

  • The variety of professions dealing with pigs such as the hunter, the pig breeder, the butcher, medical researcher and the pork business etc.
  • The role of pigs in building our savings – piggy banks – and how this Porcine Star has managed to grunt its way  onto postage stamps, banknotes and coins.

And of course where there are pigs concerned, there must be food. The Museum has a restaurant on the ground floor. There’s a garden cafe as well as a cafe on the “Slaughterhouse Terrace” overlooking the sculpture garden. And, there’s a 400-seat Biergarten and a kiosk at the former gatehouse where visitors can buy cakes and ice cream.

Opening Times: The Schweine Museum is open Mon-Sun from 11:00 – 19:30 with last admission at 18:45. Cost is € 4.90 for adults and € 2.50 for children.

Pigs Museum
Schlachthofstrasse 2a
70188 Stuttgart

Map of Stuttgart:

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