Seeing Heidelberg on a Segway Tour

Heidelberg Segway City Tour on Wheels:

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The first time that I saw a Segway was in Berlin many many years ago and then it was in a park with a couple of young guys looking cool on their new toys. These days it seems that the Segway tours have made their way into mainstream sightseeing tours, as I witnessed in Heidelberg recently.

I first saw a group doing their Segway training near the Neckar river front and then I saw them again cruising effortlessly all over town.

Although I haven’t ridden a Segway as yet, for fear of falling over, the Segway seems like a great and fun way to explore a city quite extensively if you only have a short time there.

City-seg and StadtSafari are two companies that offer Segway tours in Heidelberg.

Before you can ride a Segway, there is a 30 minute training session, as well as a safety briefing, to get riders used to the machine . Then you’re off gliding along to see the sights of Heidelberg.

The Segway tours take participants to many of Heidelburg’s sightseeing attractions like the Old Town, Heidelburg Castle, along the Neckar River and Heidelberg Zoo. The highlight of the trip is uphill to the Philosophers’ Walk where one gets a fantastic view of Heidelberg Castle.  Along the way the knowledgeable Segway guides share stories about the route and sightseeing attractions along the route.

Some disadvantages of doing this type of touring is that you can’t stop to visit historic monuments or cathedrals and neither can you do serious photography on the tour.  However, it is a good way of doing an orientation tour of town before going back to individual sights of interest for a longer visit.

Your Segway tour price includes use of a safety helmet, a beverage, chocolate bar and your Segway “driver’s license”.

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