Twelve Apostles Altar at St. Jakobs Kirche – Rothenburg

The High Altar at Rothenburg’s Main Church:

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Twelve Apostles Altar - St. Jakobs © Travel Signposts

Referred to as the Twelve Apostles Altar, the High Altar at St. Jakobs Lutheran Church in Rothenburg ob der Tauber is regarded as one of the finest high altars in Germany.

St. Jakobs Kirche was built between 1371 and 1464 and the High Altar was completed in 1466.  The excellent wood carvings are the works of Swabian masters.

The Twelve Apostles dominate the choir area and its most impressive feature is the crucifix with Christ on the cross, surrounded by four angels.  These represent Faith and Prayer on the right and Doubt and Disbelief on the left.

Below the crucifix are six saints:  On the left are the Virgin Mary, James (patron saint of the church) and Elizabeth, and on the right are John, Leonard and Antonius the Hermit.

Other Features of the High Altar:

The lower scenes show Jesus among his disciples which give the altar its name.  The altar paintings are by Friedrich Herlin, a Nördlingen master artist.

On the inner sides of the wings are pictures depicting the life of Mary.

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