Veste Coburg – A Massive Castle in Coburg

Coburg Castle is Germany’s largest Castle and one of the largest in Europe:

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Veste Coburg - Coburg Castle © Travel Signposts

Situated on the bank of the River Itz, Coburg is dominated by the massive Veste Coburg, a massive fortress which is one of the largest in Germany.

Coburg was the former residence of the Wettin family and its origins go back to the 11th century. The architecture that we see today are however the result of remodelling that took place in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Surrounded by a triple line of walls, Veste Coburg or Coburg Castle consists of a number of buildings which are clustered around several courtyards. The complex is now a museum housing various collections, including prints and drawings, arms and armour.

In 1530, the fortress of Coburg provided refuge to Martin Luther who hid here from April until October. On a visit to the fortress, you can see the room in which he hid and his chapel. It is now furnished with antique furniture and on the wall there is a portrait of Luther which was painted by Lucas Cranach the Younger.

Old Town Coburg

If time permits, a visit to the Old Town Coburg is worthwhile.  Among the most important buildings in the old town are the late-Gothic Church of St. Maurice and a beautiful Renaissance college building which was founded by Prince Johann Casimir in 1605. On the opposite side of the market square is the Town Hall. Originally built in 1577-79, the town hall was remodelled in the 18th century.

Further along is Schloss Ehrenburg, the town castle. Built in the 16th century there was previously a dissolved Franciscan monastery on this site. The castle burned down in 1693 and was subsequently rebuilt. The neo-Gothic facade that faces the square was the work of Karl Friedrick Schinkel. The interior of the castle features some fine rooms including the Baroque Riesensaal and Wiesser Saal and a chapel which is rich in stucco decorations.

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