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Use our Trip Planner to locate places in Germany and read posts we’ve made about the destination, together with other useful information. Then decide if you want to go there! We’re adding to this list all the time.
Just click on one of the places in the list below the map and it will zoom in to show you where the city or town is.

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Click on the map link or select the place from the following list and you’ll go to a new page where all the posts and other useful information about the destination are collected.

Bayreuth | Berlin | Coburg | Cologne | Dresden | Erlangen | Frankfurt | Hamburg | Hamelin | Heidelberg | Ingolstadt | Koblenz | Leipzig | Lübeck | Meissen | Miltenberg | Munich | Neumünster | Neuschwanstein Castle | Nördlingen | Nuremberg | Oberammergau | Oberwesel | Passau | Regensburg | Remagen | Rothenburg | Rüdesheim am Rhein | Wertheim am Main tweet

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You can also use this map to find directions from one place to another. Simply choose your destination from the list, click "Directions" and fill in where you are starting from in the box provided at the bottom. You can also select your preferred mode of travel – by car, bicycling or walking – and get directions to match.