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A Walk along Rothenburg’s Medieval Fortress Wall
Jakobskirche – Rothenburg’s Main Lutheran Church
Twelve Apostles Altar at St. Jakobs Kirche – Rothenburg
Splendid Views from Rothenburg’s Roderturm
Der Meistertrunk – The Master Draught Festival

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A Wonderful Christmas Experience at Kathe Wohlfahrt

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Schneeballen – Snowballs from Rothenburg

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Getting Around

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Hotels in Rothenburg

There are many charming and historic hotels in Rothenburg, many of which are just as attractive as the sights in this town.
For the complete list of Rothenburg hotels, see HERE.

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Rothenburg Sightseeing Tours

Rothenburg is one of the towns on the picturesque Romantic Road. There are a number of tours to Rothenburg from Frankfurt and Munich.
For the list of Rothenburg sightseeing tours, see HERE.

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Rothenburg Photo Gallery

Rothenburg Town
Rothenburg Walls Walk
Rothenburg St Jakobskirche