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German Phone Numbers, German Telephone Directories, and Telephone Codes in Germany

telephone-blue_300 Follow Me on Pinterest It’s easy to find out a German phone number online, there are several efficient German telephone directories available.

Germany’s Telephone Country Code is 49, and telephone area codes in Germany have two to five digits, not counting the leading zero. The leading zero must be dialled when calling from within Germany and omitted when calling from abroad (to call abroad from within Germany, dial 00 before the country code).

016 or 017 are the prefixes of mobile (cell) phone operators, so watch out when dialling these numbers, it can be expensive! Deutsche Telekom had a monopoly until 1998, but competition since has reduced call charges; however, even local calls are timed.

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Official white pages phone book for people and businesses in Germany. This is the English version. Click on "English" in language list across top of page, if needed. The German version of city names must be entered, even on the English language edition of the site. For example "Muenchen" for Munich and "Koeln" for Cologne. If you type in a letter the dropdown menu will suggest towns, useful where there’s an umlaut involved!

How to find entries quickly and simply:
Input a name in the “Who/What“ search field (e.g. “Müller“), a search term (e.g. “Hairdresser“) or a phone number (reverse search).
In case of names and search words, you can abbreviate your input after 4 characters with an (*): For example “Chin* Restaurant”, will find all entries for “China Restaurant” and all entries for “Chinesisches Restaurant”.
If you leave the “Where“ search field blank, DasTelefonbuch finds entries throughout Germany.


Yellow pages classified business directory for Germany. In German, but translating via the Google tool bar is fine.


In German but a Google tool bar translation is OK. Also KLICKTEL YELLOW PAGES
. Reverse and map search, too.

Simple basic search that interestingly prominently advertises the websites given above, presumably because it owns them!

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