Historic Hotels in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg Medieval Old Town is Full of Charming and Historic Hotels and Inns:

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Historik Hotel Gotisches Haus

Rothenburg’s medieval town centre is only a small area and within the city walls there is a good range of hotels and inns within easy walk to the town square and many of Rothenburg’s attractions. A number of these charming hotels and inns are set in historic buildings and apart from offering guests good food and hospitality, there’s the opportunity to bed down in a bit of Rothenburg’s rich historical past.

Historic Rothenburg Hotels

Below are some historic and popular Rothenburg hotels and inns in the medieval town centre:

Historik Hotel Gotisches Haus is a 4-star hotel in the centre of Rothenburg Aldstadt, just a few paces from the tall tower of the town hall and the market place. Housed in a restored 13th-century building Hotel Gotisches Haus offers modern amenities in an old world charm. This 13th century building was once a patrician’s house and amongst its royal guests were Emperor Friedrich and his four advisors who stayed at this building and at the adjoining no. 15 Herrngasse when they visited Rothenburg in 1474. Crown Prince Maximilius of Austria and his entourage also lived in 13 and 15 Herrngasse. Gotisches Haus is an ideal base for exploring and enjoying the picturesque town of Rothenburg.

Hotel Eisenhut consists of four patrician houses that were built between the 12th and 18th centuries. This charming and historic hotel on Herrengasse offers rooms which feature antique furniture with original artwork. In summer guests can dine in the restaurant with terrace overlooking the Tauber River Valley or relax in the beer garden and cocktail bar. There are 78 rooms in Hotel Eisenhut.

Romantik Hotel Markusturm ob der Tauber is located at the Markusturm tower. This hotel was once a small lodge providing shelter for travelers as far back as 1264. There are 25 rooms, all individually decorated in a range of modern and antique styles. In summer, guests can choose to dine in the romantic, flower-filled courtyard terrace. Hotel Markusturm is just a couple of minutes’ walk from Rothenburg’s Marktplatz and is another good base from which to explore the town.

Hotel BurgGartenpalais is a charming hotel in the western corner of the old town. There are 15 large rooms in this hotel and each of these is individually decorated. You can enjoy your meal on the terrace of the pretty rose garden or in its rustic restaurant with traditional wooden furniture.

Silence Burghotel is set in a historic 12th century building on the edge of Rothenburg’s medieval town centre. From this hotel guests enjoy magnificent views of the Tauber river and valley. Hans Prentzel immortalized the view from today’s Burg-Hotel in 1929 through his painting titled “Blumen am Fenster” (Flowers at the window). An arched doorway leads to the peaceful gardens of a former Dominican monastery and hotel guests are welcome to relax here. There are 15 spacious rooms in this hotel.

Klosterstüble is a family-run inn, housed in a 16th century building on Heringsbronnengasse (herring fountain street). The street name is derived from the medieval fountains where pickled herrings brought in barrels from the coast were desalted and washed. The building served as a farmhouse for almost four centuries before it was turned into an inn. There are 21 cozy rooms in this inn which is just 300 metres from St Jakobskirche.

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