When to travel to Germany: weather and seasons

Summer in Bamberg, Germany Follow Me on Pinterest

Summer in Bamberg

The best time to visit Germany is in the summer, i.e. between May and October. Weather in Germany can be a bit up and down, but if you’re lucky it can get surprisingly hot and sunny. Munich has a heavier rainfall in summer though.

Daytime temperatures in Berlin and Frankfurt are in general warmer than those in Hamburg and Munich, averaging 20 C (68 F) in July, 10 C (50 F) in April and October. Late spring, early autumn are probably your best bet, fewer crowds and the weather is usually mild.


Weinachtsmarkt or Christmas market in Wittenberg, Germany Follow Me on Pinterest

Christmas market in Wittenberg

On the other hand, you might like to try Christmas – cold, but white if you’re lucky and there are all those Weinachtsfesten (Christmas festivals: great food, shopping and fun) to go to! When we were there it was chilly but the gemutlichkeit warm! We certainly found the hot Gluhwein stalls a welcome feature of the markets…


Music festivals are big in Germany, Bach in March (bit early) Wagner in Bayreuth in July, lots of stuff in Autumn, including the Oktoberfest, but most Bavarian towns and villages have some kind of beer festival and they’re smaller scale and more enjoyable. Christmas fairs are great but you’re unlikely to be there.

I did a search on a few events at the German Tourist Board website and came up with 146 events between April and October, and I didn’t check everything!



Current weather in Germany (Berlin)

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