Santorini – Live from the magical village of Oia

Santorini - Live from the magical village of Oia

Famous for its sunset, Oia is the place to stay on Santorini Helen Page greets you from Oia Village on the once volcanic Greek island of Santorini. Oia is in the north western part of Santorini and it is renowned for its magical sunset. “Well after a month of running around Spain and Turkey like […]

Find a Greek Phone Number


Greek Phone Books, Phone Codes and Phone Directories Finding a Greek phone number is free online, and there are several free residential and business phone directories in English. The country calling code of Greece is 30, and every regular Greek telephone number (area code + subscriber number) has ten digits. There are currently two-, three-, […]

Greece and Greek Island Travel

Flag of Greece flying over the Acropolis

Greece Travel: a Europe Tour that’s a Gold Medal Experience! Greece travel need not be an Olympic marathon. Given Greek history, the most interesting tourist sights naturally tend to be in the more southern areas of mainland Greece rather than the north. After Athens, most tours concentrate on the major historical sites like Olympia and […]

Tour Routes in Greece

Map of Greece

Places in Greece and the Greek islands you shouldn’t miss Greece travel can really be split into two: mainland travel and island travel. The only tours to visit the islands, as far as I know, are day-tours and cruises. As the latter always leave at sundown or so as far as I’m concerned they actually […]

Useful facts for travel to Greece and the Greek Islands

Useful facts to help you plan your visit to Greece and the Greek Islands Festivals Public Holidays Visas Health Time Electricity Weights & Measures Money, Banks etc. Useful Telephone Numbers Festivals The most significant festival in Greece is of course, Easter (Greek Easter traditions). The Greek Orthodox Church traditionally stresses Christ’s Resurrection rather than the […]