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Flag of Greece flying over the Acropolis

Greece travel need not be an Olympic marathon. Given Greek history, the most interesting tourist sights naturally tend to be in the more southern areas of mainland Greece rather than the north.

After Athens, most tours concentrate on the major historical sites like Olympia and Delphi and a few other places of interest such as the monasteries at Meteora and the Perama Caves. Unless you have special reasons for spending longer, two weeks is really quite sufficient to cover Athens and the main areas.

Greek island travel however can take as long as you want, and the time you allot usually tends to be too short! There are seven main groups of islands, each island with a slightly different feel. The individual Greek islands all have their own unique beauty and allure, and to no two islands are the same.

Choose the classical Greek style of the Cyclades Islands, or the  Venetian influence on the Ionian Islands, or a quiet and relaxing vacation amid the green scenery of the more laid-back Sporades Islands. Whatever your taste, there’s an island to match…

Of course, ignoring expatriate Greeks visiting relatives, the majority of tourists visiting Greece come on package tours to a single island destination. However, this need not be a disaster, as in many if not most cases these package tourists are isolated in resort hotels and areas. Careful choice of island and hotel (and season) can still give you the Greek holiday you dream of!

A Cruise Alternative

European Cruise! Click HereAnother alternative is to take a cruise around the Greek Islands, and these ships often slot in a visit to the Turkish coast as well. There are some interesting cruises that take in a few Greek islands and also some Italian destinations which you may find interesting.

Although tending towards the expensive end of the market, a cruise is certainly a relaxed way of seeing the various island destinations, and can often be combined with a land tour for a more comprehensive experience. You may also get to cover a greater selection of islands in a limited time if you’re on a tight schedule.

Of course, it’s best to allow yourself as many lazy days as possible when you’re in the islands, but the main drawback of a cruise option for me is that you usually don’t get to spend the evenings there, so it’s not possible to enjoy a lazy late night dinner in the tavernas.

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