Santorini – Live from the magical village of Oia

Famous for its sunset, Oia is the place to stay on Santorini

Helen Page greets you from Oia Village on the once volcanic Greek island of Santorini. Oia is in the north western part of Santorini and it is renowned for its magical sunset. tweet

“Well after a month of running around Spain and Turkey like crazy, we’re here in Santorini for a bit of rest and recreation. Actually we’re in the village of Oia. Oia is in the north western part of Santorini and it is renowned for its magical sunset. And we’ve got this very nice traditional house set in the rock cliff of the Caldera which Santorini is famous for. We’ve got this magical view of the caldera and the sea.

Untouched by Tourism?

If you read about Oia being untouched by tourism, that’s not quite correct because the cruise ships are here as well and they all come here to catch the sunset. But the good thing is that they leave quite quickly as well and when they do, the place is quite peaceful.

Things To Do (Or Not)

There’s quite a few things you can do here, like going to the vineyards to taste wine or exploring and going for walks. But for us this is our rest and recreation time and we really don’t want to do too much. Why would you? Look at this famous and magical caldera and the magical views and the sun. So, I’m going to sit in my deckchair, put my feet up and enjoy the sun. Bye!

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