Wine-tasting at Santorini Wineries

Sigalas Winery

Wine-tasting in Santorini – Santorini Wine Tours: Santorini is famous for its sunset and its unique caldera, but the island now has a wine-growing industry that should not be overlooked. When dining out in Santorini, we noticed that all the wines offered are Greek wines and many of these are produced on the island. A […]

Santorini’s Cherry Tomatoes

Santorini Cherry Tomatoes

Santorini’s Cherry Tomatoes are Noted for Their Sweetness: In addition to its fava beans, the Santorini cherry tomato is another of the island’s local produce that has been submitted to the EU for PDO certification. The Santorini cherry tomatoes take a special place on the island’s food products and each year there is an international […]

Santorini’s Special Fava Beans

Santorini Fava Beans

Santorini’s Fava Beans are Special and Enjoy the EU PDO Status: Fava beans is a dish that is offered as an appetizer in many Greek restaurants and is part of the traditional Greek cuisine. But in Santorini the fava beans are special. The European Union have acknowledged that the Santorini fava beans are unique to […]

Eating out on your Athens holiday

Greek cuisine

Souvlakis, moussakas and calamari: Greek food is well known the world over and many visitors to Greece arrive already equipped with some knowledge of common dishes like mezes, souvlaki, moussaka, Greek salad, etc.  Some of the names may not be familiar, but we most probably have had some tyropitakia (small cheese pies), soutzoukakia (meatballs in […]