Santorini’s Special Fava Beans

Santorini’s Fava Beans are Special and Enjoy the EU PDO Status:

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Fava Beans - Santorini Traditional Cuisine

Fava beans is a dish that is offered as an appetizer in many Greek restaurants and is part of the traditional Greek cuisine. But in Santorini the fava beans are special.

The European Union have acknowledged that the Santorini fava beans are unique to this island and has granted it the PDO status (Protected Designation of Origin). Who would have thought that this small island, famous for its caldera and spectacular views, also has produce that are EU trademark protected.

The Santorini Fava

So how are Santorini’s fava beans different? It seems that the Santorini fava has a sweeter and richer flavour. Its texture is also interesting and these qualities are the result of Santorini’s unique soil.  When cooked, it seems that that the Santorini fava does not need blending.  The cooked fava simply melts into a soft and yellowish paste which has an aroma of dried nuts.

The Santorini fava comes from the “Lathyrus Clymenum” plant species and there are records that show that this plant has been growing on the island since 3,500 years ago.

Fava at the Roka

We enjoyed some delicious fava bean dishes in Athens and during our stay in Santorini, we made it a point to try its famous fava bean at the Roka Restaurant. The fava bean paste is served warm and garnished with diced raw onions and capers and dressed with some olive oil and a slice of lemon.

Yes, it is rich and creamy as described in articles on Santorini’s fava beans, but we thought that the dish needed just a touch of salt – incidentally, salt is one of the ingredients mentioned in the fava recipe. Santorini fava is delicious spread on fresh bread or served with meat or octopus.  While some may find this traditional Santorini dish a tad bland, it is nevertheless a nutritious food.

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